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The Oklahoma City Bombing Revisited:
Military EODs, Inmate Point to Federal Prior Knowledge
Attorney Jesse Trentadue filed an important new legal motion on September 26, 2006 with the Salt Lake City US Federal Court of Judge Dale Kimbal. Trentadue's new filing seeks more evidence showing the prior knowledge and provocation of the 1995 OKC Bombing by Federal law enforcement officials using men described in recorded conversations of McVeigh with a Federal inmate. Prior knowledge is further suggested in Trentadue's filing based on eyewitness accounts of the presence of military explosive ordinance disposal personnel (EODs) and equipment in OK not normally stationed in OK but brought in shortly before the OKC bombing.
In 2005 and 2006 Judge Kimbal ordered the FBI to release FBI reports, memos and teletypes to Trentadue pursuant to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests Trentadue had previously filed These now released documents clearly show FBI complicity in the OKC bombing. Trentadue has already won a multimillion dollar judgment against the USG for the beating death murder of Trentadue's brother who was mistaken for an OKC bombing suspect while his brother was in Federal custody in OKC.
In his new filing, Trentadue is now acting on behalf of Federal inmate Paul Hammer who was kept next to McVeigh in the Federal prison in Terra Haute, Indiana. The FBI and Bureau of Prisons (BOP) recorded both men discussing who else helped McVeigh do the OKC bombing. Those that McVeigh described as helping him likely include FBI informants and provocateurs revealed in the FBI documents already obtained by Trentadue. Trentadue is asking Judge Kimbal to force the FBI and BOP to comply with FOIA requests for the FBI and BOP recordings. The new filing asserts that the FBI and BOP have been in violation of FOIA laws by stonewalling and ignoring Trentadue's latest FOIA requests in this area.
Trentadue's new filing also requests the Salt Lake City Federal court to compel the turn over of FBI documents relevant to Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) that FBI documents already recovered by Trentadue show the SPLC, Dees and the FBI used OKC bombing informants and provocateurs at the OK white supremacist compound Elohim City including Dennis Mahon, Army private Sean Kenny and the German national Andreas Strassmeyer. Newly released FBI documents show that McVeigh met with Strassmeyer, Mahon, Kenny and others at a trailer at Elohim City in 1994. At the time Mahon was also receiving a stipend of $200 per month from Iraq. BATF documents show the FBI directly intervened to call off a BATF raid against Elohim City scheduled for March 1995 to protect the FBI informants and provocateurs at Elohim City.
Trentadue is also requesting that the Salt Lake City Federal court compel the OKC FBI office to turn over documents pertaining to the assignment to the FBI OKC Bomb Task Force (led by FBI agent Danny Defenbaugh) of OK State Highway Patrol, OKC Police and OK State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) personnel prior to and well after the OKC bombing from at least April 1, 1995 to January 1996. The OKC bombing occurred on April 19, 1995.
OK State Highway Patrol Trooper Charles Hanger pulled McVeigh over on I-35 less than two hours after the OKC bombing. Vital information obtained by Hanger was withheld from the OK County grand jury and the McVeigh and Nichols Federal trials including what Hanger confiscated from McVeigh such as Iraq intelligence phone numbers and including the video of the arrest taken by Hanger's patrol cruiser camcorder. There is suspicion of prior warning and instruction to either Hanger or the OKC Highway Patrol or both by Federal authorities before the OKC bombing.
OKC PD Detective Captain Mercer (CRIMINAL INTELLIGERNCE UNIT OF OKC PD) was assigned to work closely with OKC FBI agent James Carlisle during FBI interviews of OKC bombing case witnesses through at least January 8, 1996.
OKC Police officer Richard Hames collected material evidence at the bomb scene (starting immediately after the bombing) for the OKC PD and with and for the FBI. Hames passed away in 1997 of a biological pathogen infecting his lungs.
OSBI agents accompanied the FBI during interviews with OKC bombing witnesses in 1995 including with 4 Travelers Aid employees in OKC. The Travelers Aid employees talked with Black Muslim Melvin Lattimore (Menepta) who was with McVeigh's Mercury Marquise and two other FBI informants, Sean Kenny and James Rosencrans, at the Travelers Aid, a block west of the bombed Murrah Federal building, on the day before the OKC bombing.
But one of the most significant of Trentadue's new filing requests is the one calling for the Federal court to force the turning over of FOIA requested FBI reports, memos, teletypes showing the presence of out of state military explosive ordinance personnel, EODs, dispatched to OKC before, during and after the OKC bombing.
The new filing requests the Federal court to force the turning over of FOIA requested FBI reports, memos, teletypes showing the presence of military EODs in OKC before and at the time of the OKC bombing.
A person connected with US nuclear NEST teams in the US has come forward and asserted that at least one NEST member had been sent to OKC the day before the OKC bombing NEST members are trained to defuse and/or remove nuclear and other conventional explosive devices like military EODs.
OKC bombing victim family member survivor Gloria Chipman was told by the FBI that her injured husband, Bob Chipman, had been "decontaminated" at Tinker Air Force Base after he was struck in the upper body and head by the Ryder truck bomb drive shaft. Bob Chipman later died of his injuries. Gloria Chipman saw her husband before he died when he was later transferred to an OKC hospital.

Chipman says her husband's body had abnormal colorations and swellings not consistent even with trauma and bruising even before he passed away. It is not yet known whether or not nuclear material or toxic chemicals were found that would explain her husband being decontaminated, or if it was just a precaution.
OKC bombing on scene eyewitness Leah Moore told OKC bombing victim family member Glen Wilburn (tape recording of conversation is available) of seeing a white van believed to be an EOD vehicle parked very near the Murrah building just before the truck bomb exploded. Other eyewitnesses report seeing the same distinctive white van. The white van was shown on TV. And videos and photos are available of the van. Its configuration and markings and exterior equipment are consistent with a military EOD van that would have had to be driven or flown into OKC possibly via Tinker Air Force Base. Tinker AFB was raised to a level Threat Con C alert starting the week before the OKC bombing.
FOIA requests have been made to identify the presence of the EOD van in OKC and its being flown to Tinker by KTOK news director Jerry Bohnen, Lt Colonel Roger Charles (formerly with Joint Chiefs staff), and Arizona investigator and journalist Don Devereaux. These men have asserted that there was a military EOD van brought into OKC before the OKC bombing. These men have been aided in their quest by information described by Colonel John Ruth, an officer serving at Tinker at the time of the bombing who met with OKC bombing victim survivors and OKC PD officer Don Browning for several years after the bombing.
Trentadue's new filing requests concerning the presence and use of military EOD's and OK local and state law enforcement starting on April 1, 1995 strongly underscore the known public evidence and eyewitness accounts already available to show there was prior knowledge by Federal and OK state law enforcement personnel of the OKC bombing. Of course the FBI would had known before hand because already released FBI documents show the FBI used provocateurs and informants to instigate but not stop the OKC bombing. 
But there was no adequate forewarning given to the 169 private citizens and Federal employees killed when they went to the Murrah Federal building. There were no "fail safes" incorporated to stop the FBI's bombing sting operation before it went too far.
There has been massive cover-up, perjury and stonewalling by DOJ and FBI officials and US Senators and Congressmen for over 11 years to protect themselves from criminal and civil liability damages still being actively sought by the OKC bombing victims and surviving family members. The entire OKC Federal law enforcement family including FBI agents, US Marshals and Federal judges were warned in advance of a possible attack on the Federal building in OKC in April 1995 while those killed were used as bait for a failed but FBI provoked sting operation.
Patrick Briley is a Navy Viet Nam era veteran who served on a Polaris ballistic missile nuclear submarine patrol in the Pacific. His Polaris submarine patrol in far East Asia near China was historically significant and exceptionally dangerous.
His Naval service was from 1968 to 1976 during the Viet Nam era. He was a battalion commander of his Naval ROTC unit and a Midshipman on board the ballistic missile submarine, SSBN 624, the Woodrow Wilson. He was chosen to serve under Admiral Rickover as a project engineer at Naval Reactors near Washington DC. Patrick Briley started research and investigation into terrorist attacks after the Oklahoma City bombing. Patrick submitted his findings concerning the OKC bombing and the 9-11 attacks in briefings to high-level staff for the Senate Judiciary and Senate and House Intelligence committees, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and the 9-11 Commission.
Posted by: FedCURE
Date: Sun Oct 8, 2006 9:54 pm (PDT)
Disclaimer Notice:  In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.  The opinions and viewpoints expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opinion of   FedCURE does not attest to the  accuracy thereof.

"Presidential Pardon"
How many get the bird?

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The conspiracy first started during the UFO cover-up in Roswell, New Mexico. They have been responsible for many events throughout history, including Princess Di's tragic accident.
Today, members of the conspiracy are everywhere. They can be identified by humming under their breath.
They want to flashy-thing the Rev. Al Sharpton and all the other Democratic candidates and imprison resisters in the Bush bedroom using space ships.
In order to prepare for this, we all must fight back to save humanity. Since the media is controlled by the alien-lovers at Fox, who stopped production of the X-Files, we should get our information from my Korean War veteran uncle, who knows the real story."
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Old Conspiracies, New Beliefs

January 13, 2004 -- Some people believe in the lost continent of Atlantis and in unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Others worry about an 18th-century secret society called the Bavarian Illuminati or a mythical Zionist-Occupied Government secretly running the United States.
What if these disparate elements shared beliefs, joined forces, won a much larger audience, broke out of their intellectual and political ghetto, and became capable of challenging the premises of public life in the United States? This is the frightening prospect, soberly presented by Michael Barkun in his important, just-published book, "A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America" (University of California Press, $24.95).

To understand the novelty of this potential requires knowing something about the history of conspiracy theories.

Fears of a petty conspiracy -- a political rival or business competitor plotting to do you harm -- are as old as the human psyche. But fears of a grand conspiracy -- that the Illuminati or Jews plan to take over the world -- go back only 900 years and have been operational for just two centuries, since the French Revolution. Conspiracy theories grew in importance from then until World War II, when two arch-conspiracy theorists, Hitler and Stalin, faced off against each other, causing the greatest bloodletting in human history.
This hideous spectacle sobered Americans, who in subsequent decades relegated conspiracy theories to the fringe, where mainly two groups promoted such ideas.

The politically disaffected: blacks (Louis Farrakhan, Cynthia McKinney), the hard right (John Birch Society, Pat Buchanan), and other alienated elements (Ross Perot, Lyndon LaRouche).Their theories imply a political agenda but lack much of a following.
The culturally suspicious: these include "Kennedy assassinologists," "ufologists," and those who believe a reptilian race runs the earth and alien installations exist under the earth's surface. Such themes enjoy enormous popularity (a year 2000 poll found 43% of Americans believing in UFOs) but carry no political agenda.
The major new development, reports Mr. Barkun, a professor of political science in the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, is not just an erosion in the divisions between these two groups, but their joining forces with occultists, persons bored by rationalism.
Occultists are drawn to what Mr. Barkun calls the "cultural dumping ground of the heretical, the scandalous, the unfashionable, and the dangerous" such as spiritualism, Theosophy, alternative medicine, alchemy, and astrology.
Thus, the author who worries about the Secret Service taking orders from the Illuminati is old school; the one who worries about a "joint Reptilian-Bavarian Illuminati" takeover is at the cutting edge of the new synthesis. These bizarre notions constitute what the late Michael Kelly termed "fusion paranoia," a promiscuous absorption of fears from any source whatsoever.
The connection of conspiracy theorists and occultists follows from their common, crooked premises. First, "any widely accepted belief must necessarily be false." Second, rejected knowledge what the establishment spurns must be true.
The result is a large, self-referential network. Flying saucer advocates promote anti-Jewish phobias. Anti-Semites channel in Peru. Some anti-Semites see extraterrestrials functioning as surrogate Jews; others believe the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" are the joint product of "the Rothschilds and the reptile-Aryans." By the late 1980s, Mr. Barkun found that "virtually all of the radical right's ideas about the New World Order had found their way into UFO literature."
Ufology's wide appeal transmits these political ideas to a large new audience of ideological omnivores, informing them that September 11 was either an Illuminati operation or the Assassins (a medieval Muslim group) attacking Freemasons.
What does this craziness all amount to? Mr. Barkun, who reads widely in this backstairs literature, argues that in recent years "ideas once limited to fringe audiences became commonplace in mass media" and this has inaugurated a period of "unrivaled" millenarian activity in the United States. He worries of the "devastating effects" this frenzy could wreak on American political life and by extension, around the world.
I am more optimistic, trusting the stability of a mature democracy and noting that Americans have survived previous conspiracist bouts without much damage. But nonsensical, ugly, and pernicious ideas do not fail of their own accord ; they need to be fought against and rendered marginal. The task starts with recognizing that they exist, then arguing against them.

9/11: September 11th 2001

Speak Out
at the 2nd Sight Forum

Alex Ansary, host of Outside the Box, is joined by Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero Radio in a discussion of state-sponsored terrorism

with Ted Gunderson, Special Agent in Charge, whose investigations into the first World Trade Center attack and the Oklahoma City bombing have led him to conclude that one group is secretly orchestrating these events.

The Great Conspiracy

The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw

Civil Rights at Issue
Freedom and Security  November 12, 2003 -- The sacrifice of civil liberties for the appearance of greater security  is a mistake that will leave future generations with little hope for freedom. (Al Gore,
Prosecutors Win Big in Terrorism Ruling  November 10, 2003  -- Last week's federal appeals court decision allowing the government to detain material witnesses pursuant to grand jury investigations was a significant victory for an administration searching for every edge it can get in prosecuting the war on terror. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday also reinstated the perjury indictment of a college student who allegedly lied to a grand jury probing the 9/11 terror attacks when he denied knowing one of the hijackers. (New York Law Journal)

Protest Law Gets Tough Appellate Hearing  November 10, 2003 -- With her fight to get women into the Augusta National Golf Club apparently stalled, Martha Burk came to Atlanta last week with a different mission: Convince the 11th Circuit that a public demonstration ordinance violates free speech rights. Burk claims the law gives too much discretion to the sheriff, who moved protesters during the Masters Tournament. The panel sounded more sympathetic to Burk's legal argument than many Augusta National members have been to her women's rights claim. (Fulton County Daily Report)
First Amendment Raised in Battle for 'Queer' Group Title  November 11, 2003 -- Manhattan paralegal Christopher Barton Benecke describes himself as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, which to his way of thinking all adds up to "queer." But the state of New York will not allow him to incorporate his not-for-profit advocacy group under the name "Queer Awareness," on the grounds that the name is indecent and degrading. The stalemate may be headed to state Supreme Court, where Benecke plans to advance a First Amendment legal argument. (New York Law Journal)
Big Brother Set to Guard a TV Near You  September 10, 2003  MANCHESTER, England -- Big Brother technology that already allows people to be tracked through their mobile phones could soon be installed in household objects, tipping off police if they are stolen. (Reuters)

The JFK Conspiracy Mythos: forever linked
Something sinister? Or just sad?
with overdose death of Marilyn Monroe

-- 24 November 2003, by Dr. George Friedman: Summary

With the passing of the 40th anniversary of the JFK assassination, Stratfor pauses to consider one of the less-examined aspects of the case: Marina Oswald. Her connections to the Soviet intelligence apparatus and odd marriage to Lee Harvey Oswald are seldom factored into any theories surrounding the assassination. However, the facts of the case make it clear that the Soviet government wanted Marina Prusakova and Oswald together in the United States.


The 40th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination has prompted the usual round of articles and TV programs examining the assassination and theories of what actually happened. The speculation is endless -- not because people are searching for meaning in a meaningless world, as one TV program suggested. Rather, the speculation is endless because the official explanation offered by the Warren Commission is difficult to believe. That may have been the way it happened, but it is not a genuinely satisfactory explanation.

We don't have problems with the idea that Lee Harvey Oswald was a shooter, but we do have problems with the idea that he was the lone gunman. There are four crucial points that, for us at least, make it extremely unlikely that Oswald was operating alone:
1. Oswald had a beautiful, unobstructed shot from the Texas Schoolbook Depository building in Dallas as the presidential motorcade approached. He passed on a perfect shot, choosing instead to allow the motorcade to turn left and proceed below his window, and then took a much more difficult shot with his view partially obscured by a tree. Why would he have done that if he were acting alone?

2. The idea that he took three shots with his bolt-action Italian rifle in the elapsed time (a few seconds) -- taking out Kennedy with the head shot -- is just outside the box of credibility. No matter how we strain, we can't get there.

3. The trajectory of the bullet that was supposed to have hit the president and Texas Gov. John Connolly similarly strains credibility.

4. The idea that Jack Ruby, a strip club owner and connected guy, went to the Dallas police station on an impulse and was so overwhelmed by uncontrollable rage at the death of his president that he shot Lee Harvey Oswald strains our credulity beyond its limits. Ruby was a lot of things, but sentimental was not one of them. Ruby looked out for Ruby. Whatever brought him to the station and to kill Oswald was not uncontrolled emotion.
There are lots of other things, but for us, these four issues -- taken together -- make it very difficult to buy the Warren report. We can probably explain away any one of these aspects, but the four things taken together with other anomalous facts create a critical mass of doubt. The only strength of the Warren Commission report is the weakness of the alternative explanations:
1. Kennedy was killed by the American Mafia because Bobby Kennedy came after them, despite the fact that Joseph Kennedy had cut a deal with Sam Giancana over the West Virginia primary and the graveyard vote in Illinois. This is a reasonable explanation, except for the fact that it leaves no explanation for Oswald's role in the president's killing.

2. Kennedy was killed by Cuban Intelligence because the Kennedys tried to kill Fidel Castro. This is an interesting theory, except that it doesn't explain where Jack Ruby fits in.

3. Kennedy was killed by the CIA because he wanted to pull out of Vietnam. This one suffers from the fact that the evidence that Kennedy wanted to pull out of Vietnam is pretty skimpy and the greater fact that, in 1963, Vietnam was one of a dozen foreign policy issues out there. The idea that the agency was so passionate about Vietnam that operatives would kill the president over it is just silly.

4. Cuban exiles killed Kennedy over the Bay of Pigs and the pledge not to invade after the Cuban missile crisis. The problem, again, is Oswald.

5. Hybrids of more than one of these theories. These make for interesting reading, but the problem is that all of the hybrids wind up involving dozens of people from multiple groups, none with any reason to trust each other. How do you keep a hybrid from leaking?
The only way some of these theories work is if Lee Harvey Oswald was not involved or somehow was, in his words, made into a "patsy." For any of the conspiracy theories to work, Oswald would either have had to be an innocent victim, had someone else masquerading as him or been part of a conspiracy that his own background didn't easily bring him into. It really all comes down to who Lee Harvey Oswald was -- a subject that has garnered endless speculation.

Far less speculation has gone into what is, in our view, a significantly neglected aspect of this story: Marina Oswald. From Stratfor's standpoint, she is at least one of the keys to whatever happened on Nov. 22, 1963. Our image of Marina Oswald, dating back to the days following the assassination, is that of a simple, frightened young woman, stunned by what had happened and in way over her head. That image of a more or less innocent bystander has remained intact for 40 years, even though the facts have consistently pointed to her being a much more important figure in the story.

Marina Oswald -- born Marina Prusakova -- met Lee Harvey Oswald in Minsk, where he worked in an electronics factory after having defected to the Soviet Union in 1959. She was then 19 years old. Her father had been killed in the war; she lived with her stepfather in Archangel, in the far north of Russia, before moving to Moldova as a small child and then to Leningrad at age 12. In 1955, she entered the Pharmacy Technikum for what the Warren Report called "special training." She received a diploma in pharmacology in June 1959 and then was assigned to a job in a warehouse, which she quit after a day.

Two months later, she moved to live with her uncle in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Her uncle was a colonel in the MVD -- the Russian Interior Ministry security service. At that time, the agency -- which was a mixture of a national police force and the FBI -- carried out several functions, from running large parts of the Gulag to serving as an internal security force. According to the Warren Commission, Col. Prusakov was head of the local lumber industry, which would have certainly made him part of the Gulag apparatus and therefore part of the security structure. With a rank of colonel, he clearly had substantial responsibilities. According to the Warren Commission, Prusakov "... had one of the best apartments in a building reserved for MVD employees."

In Minsk, Marina finally got a job in the pharmacy of a hospital. At the same time, she joined Komsomol, the Communist youth organization -- a fairly common thing to do and something that her uncle, given his standing in the government apparatus, certainly would have expected her to do. She had a good many friends when, seven months after moving to Minsk, she was introduced to Lee Harvey Oswald. They had one date -- at a dance. Immediately after the dance, Oswald was taken ill and checked into a hospital, though not the one where Marina worked. Marina visited him often in the hospital often, although they had met only twice prior to his hospitalization. She was able to visit him outside of regular visiting hours, according to the Warren Commission, because of her uniform. Oswald was hospitalized from March 30 until April 11. It is not clear what illness kept him hospitalized for almost two weeks, but he was cared for at an ear, nose and throat clinic: He apparently had the mother of all sinus headaches.

According to Marina's testimony to the Warren Commission, Oswald visited her regularly at her uncle's apartment after his release. The Commission makes a point of saying that "they were apparently not disturbed by the fact that he was an American and did not disapprove of her seeing him" This is an important point. Oswald was an American defector, clearly regarded with suspicion by Soviet Intelligence. Marina's uncle was a colonel in the MVD. Having American defectors visit his apartment in 1961 should have concerned him a lot. He would certainly report it to his superior. An American FBI official entertaining his niece's Soviet defector boyfriend in 1961 would certainly be cautious about its effect on his pension; however, Prusakov apparently was not concerned.

Now it gets interesting. On April 20, a little more than a month since their first meeting, Oswald proposes to Marina. She accepts and they are married on April 30. Let's pause here. Marina Oswald is an attractive young woman. She holds a diploma in pharmacology from a first-rate technical school in Leningrad. Her uncle is a senior official in the MVD. Lee Harvey Oswald is a foreign defector, without any real future and -- we are handicapped here by our glandular bias -- not a great looker or sharp dresser. But he must have been a hell of a dancer, because they were married about six weeks after they met with much of the courtship having taken place in a hospital.

OK -- it may have been uncontrollable love at first sight. Stranger things have happened, we suppose. The problem was that in order for Marina to marry Oswald, they needed to get special permission from the state, because he was a foreigner. That would have been true if he were the head of the Polish Communist Party. But Oswald wasn't just a foreigner, he was an American defector. Given the Soviet bureaucracy, someone in Moscow was going to have to sign off on this one -- and it had to have kicked off one heck of a security review in her uncle's office, but permission nevertheless was granted in 10 days.

If that is hard to believe, try the next one. After about a month of marriage, Oswald tells Marina that he's tired of the Soviet Union and wants to go home. She apparently says "whatever" and they start making arrangements to leave the Soviet Union. At this point, she told the Warren Commission, her aunt and uncle became upset and stopped speaking to her. A great deal has been made of the U.S. Embassy's willingness to allow Oswald to return to the United States, but not nearly enough has been made of the fact that the Soviets permitted not only Oswald, but also Marina, to leave the country.

In October, while this was going on, Marina decided to take her annual vacation. According to the commission, Oswald and Marina agreed that she needed "a change of scenery." Having been married less than six months, she took a three-week vacation by herself to visit an aunt in Kharkov. Kharkov in October is not the greatest place to visit, but off she went.

When she returned, she pursued her exit visa. She met with an MVD colonel, Nicolay Aksenov, who had to approve the exit permit. Marina thought that the interview might have been granted because her uncle was also an MVD colonel, but that makes little sense if her uncle opposed her departure. On Dec. 25, 1961, about six weeks after applying, she received her exit visa from the Soviet Union, as did Oswald. Marina told the Commission that she was surprised to receive permission. That is an understatement -- what happened was unheard-of. Although the Warren Commission tried to argue that these things were not that uncommon, they just were.

Let's recap here:
1. Marina, part of the Soviet upper-middle class, reasonably educated and an attractive young woman, meets Lee Harvey Oswald and is so smitten by him that she agrees to marry him in a little over a month -- two weeks of which he spent courting her from a hospital bed.

2. The Soviet government grants Marina permission to marry him in the span of 10 days, despite the fact that this is an MVD colonel's niece marrying a U.S. defector.

3. Oswald immediately decides to head back to the United States, and in spite of her uncle's supposed objections -- and Prusakov could have stopped this dead in its tracks if he wanted -- she is granted permission to leave the Soviet Union in the company of an American defector. The time between her formal request and receiving permission is a matter of weeks.
If the Warren Commission has the facts right -- and we think they do -- then this is clear: the Soviet government wanted Marina and Oswald to marry and they wanted them to go together to the United States. That is crystal clear. Now, we take a leap, but a reasonable one: The only agency in the Soviet Union with the ability and interest to get this done was the KGB. If Marina wasn't KGB, she did one hell of an imitation.

Endless questions flow from this, ranging from what the mission was to why the U.S. embassy permitted Marina into the country. This now enters into the realm of speculation. However, one thing is clear to us: Any theory as to what happened on Nov. 22, 1963, that does not take into careful account the role of Marina Oswald is inherently flawed. This includes the Warren Commission's own findings. If Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F. Kennedy, there has been no adequate explanation of Marina Oswald's role in this.

The only way to dismiss the Marina question is to make the following three assertions:
1. You have to believe that Marina, the attractive MVD princess, took one look at Oswald and said, "I've got to have that man."

2. You have to argue that obtaining permission in 10 days for an MVD colonel's live-in niece to marry an American defector was no big deal.

3. You have to argue that getting an exit permit from the Soviet Union for Marina in the space of six weeks in 1961 was no big deal.
If ever there was a cooked-up marriage, this was it. Now, how this fits into the assassination story is too speculative to bother with -- but that no explanation is possible without building this into the story is obvious.

There has been tremendous focus on Oswald's stay in the Soviet Union and speculation that his defection might have been part of  a CIA plot. That is not inconceivable, although the purpose of  the plot is opaque. There has been focus on Washington's decision to readmit Oswald, even though he had renounced his U.S. citizenship. All of this has focused attention on the CIA, but there has not been equal attention paid to the extraordinary story of Marina Prusakova's marriage to Oswald and her exit from the Soviet Union.

This does not necessarily clear things up, but in our mind, it sets an additional hurdle that any theory must pass over. The eagerness of the Warren Commission to pass over the strange marriage of these two is one of the reasons we have little  confidence in the analysis it contains. The fact of the marriage  raises questions of whether Oswald was, simply in the context of his marriage, involved in a conspiracy. If he was the only gunman  -- which we doubt -- he still was not alone.
(c) 2003 Strategic Forecasting, Inc. All rights reserved.

November 23, 2003 -- An organic reconsideration of US history and major "conspiracy theories" of the past 40 years, including those pertaining to the 9-11 attack, and how they shed light on America's present drift into fascism.  -- By John Phelan at

The Man Who Killed Kennedy

The brother of Lee Harvey Oswald talks about why he believes the assassination of the 35th President of the United States was carried out by a lone gunman

Nov. 22 - Despite countless conspiracy theories, the name Lee Harvey Oswald has gone down in history as President John F. Kennedy's lone assassin. Recently, Weekend Today's Lester Holt spoke to Lee Oswald's brother Robert. Now in his 70s, Robert Oswald is a good family man who 's had to live with a terrible burden for the past 40 years. Holt began by asking him if he dreaded the month of November.

Robert Oswald: "I dread even before November gets here. Because I know about after Labor Day, I start getting calls and things start coming up. It's just part of the territory now.

Lester Holt: "What does everybody want to know?"

Oswald: "Did Lee really do it."

It is a question that has haunted Robert Oswald for 40 years. Ever since the day President John F. Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas, Texas and a 24-year-old ex-Marine named Lee Harvey Oswald - Robert's younger brother - was arrested and charged with one of the most notorious murders the world as ever known.

On the morning after the assassination, the two brothers faced each other in a Dallas jail cell.
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The Oswald Shooting
November 24, 1963: Lee Harvey Oswald was put in a police lineup, protesting, "It isn't right to put me in line with these teenagers ... You know what you are doing, and you are trying to railroad me ... I want my lawyer ... You are doing me an injustice by putting me out there dressed different than these other men ... I am out there, the only one with a bruise on his head ... I don t believe the lineup is fair, and I desire to put on a jacket similar to those worn by some of the other individuals in the lineup ... All of you have a shirt on, and I have a T-shirt on. I want a shirt or something ... This T-shirt is unfair."

Helen Markham, witness to the murder of Officer J.D. Tippet, identified Oswald as Tippet's killer. Markham's description of Tippet's murderer matched the description of the man believed to be the shooter in the JFK assassination, and the crimes were linked.

As Oswald was escorted from the police station, Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby used a .38 Colt Cobra to shoot Oswald in the abdomen. TV cameras covered the shocking incident live from the garage of the Dallas Police Department. Ruby was found guilty and sentenced to death on March 14, 1964, but successfully won an appeal in 1965 for a retrial due to procedural errors. Ruby died in prison in 1967, before the case was retried.

Source: Pip Wilson's Almanac, Decades History Search, America's Library

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