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You Can't Keep Opposing Forces In Balance Unless Everything Stops...

I loved the last book and was delighted to learn that there are two more books in the works. After getting my hands on it, I'm thrilled to announce that this second volume is just as engrossing as the last.

The author's evident research made the story's references to history and occult metaphysics feel authentic. It elevated the threat in the story beyond mere fantasy into something you might plausibly encounter, which is essential to good horror. The archeological elements in the story are also fascinating, as is the storm chasing. There's a lot to keep the reader engaged in this book, but not so much that the storyline becomes muddled.

Cailyn Lloyd's characters are vivid and believable, even the impossible ones. I breathlessly turned the pages as Elder Lachlan Hayward encounters the same evil that Kenric Shepherd gave his life fighting. Lachlan is revealed to be as honorable a man and as powerful a sorcerer as his latebook.end, and like Kenric, he gains much-needed assistance from a kickass but realistically flawed woman.

Amplifying the formula Lloyd used so well in the last story, Lachlan further benefits from having two other strong female characters, Willow and Rachel, who join him and Kiera and the other characters in the final showdown. Plus, there's a heroic and entertaining dog: Ghost! The interplay between characters made me root for them to survive so that they could resolve the problems in their lives.

Cailyn Lloyd is a wonderful addition to my roster of favorite horror authors. I'm grateful to her and to BookSirens for my free advance reader's copy of the book. My unbiased review is equally freely and most enthusiastically given -- if you like horror with a dash of fantasy, you will love this series and this book. Though the story isn't a cliffhanger, I plan to begin reading the next book in the series as soon as I post this review!

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