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A little about cowboy hats, freetail bats, UT stats, herding cats, and the Culture of the Weird Austin Texas is known for.

Austin Events Calendar
  • Nov. 13 Wallpaper with Neon Hitch
  • Nov. 14 8:00 pm Glen Phillips & Grant-Lee Phillips One World Theatre
  • Nov. 15 Edgar Winter
  • Nov. 16 COTA Austin Fan Fest FRIDAY Only with Flo Rida and Cobra Starship
  • Nov 16 8:00 pm David Choi w/ Clara C The Parish
  • Nov. 16 Juanes 9:00 pm Austin City Limits Live @ Moody Theater
  • Nov 16 8:00 pm COTA Austin Fan Fest FRIDAY Only with Flo Rida and Cobra Starship
  • Austin Convention Center
  • Nov. 17 Lupe Fiasco 9:00 pm Austin City Limits Live @ Moody Theater
  • Nov 17 8:00 pm COTA Austin Fan Fest SATURDAY Only Nelly and Enrique Iglesias
  • Austin Convention Center
  • Nov. 18 The Wallflowers 9:00 pm Austin City Limits Live @ Moody Theater
  • Nov. 23 ACL Live Presents: The Braun Family Thanksgiving featuring Reckless Kelly
  • Nov. 23 Bill O'Reilly with Dennis Miller
  • Nov. 29 Patty Larkin & Steve Forbert

Hot Hot HOT!
Now that we're nearing Autumn, we've reached temperatures we call "cooling off" -- but if you're from the Northern Hemisphere's so-called temperate zone, how are you handling the weather here? Here are some quotes on what the weather's like here in Austin TX: US General Philip Sheridan, when stationed in the area during the Reconstruction period after the Civil War, is famous for saying "If I owned Texas and Hell, I'd rent out Texas and live in Hell." A recent Twitter request to finish the question "Austin's hot as...?" brought: "-- a check from Bernie Madoff!" "-- two rats f#*$ing in a wool sock!" "-- the hinges on the door to Hell!" "-- a Texas mom when her daughter fails her cheerleading tryout!" "-- a fire ant mound out by the curb!" "-- the devil's armpit!" "--grandma's biscuits! (or tamales!)" "--fish grease! (I don't get that one)" "--a laid off worker's temper as they update their resume!" And my favorite: "It's so hot in Austin, I saw two trees fighting over a dog!" But there's another Texas saying that's supposed to be reassuring: "If you don't like the weather here, just wait a minute."

Go from Wookie to Woo Hoo!
 courtesy whowouldathought.kevin.blogspot
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Austin Annual Events Calendar


  • New Year's Eve
  • Carnivale


  • Mardi Gras
  • Valentine's Day


  • Star of Texas Rodeo Festival
  • Cowboy Breakfast
  • SXSW Film Festival & Texas Film Awards
  • SXSW Interactive Festival
  • St. Patrick's Day Festival
  • SXSW Music Festival


  • 4-20 Reggae Festival
  • Eeyore's Birthday Party



  • Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally (ROT Rally)


  • 4th of July Fireworks with the Austin Symphony at Auditorium Shores



  • Fashion Week
  • Pagan Pride Festival/Mabon Festival
  • Gay Pride Parade and Festival
  • Mexican Independence Day Festival


  • Austin City Limits Music Festival
  • Halloween Austin


  • El Dia de los Muertes Parade & Festival
  • Formula One Racing
  • Fun! Fun! Fun! Fest


  • Trail of Lights at Zilker Park
  • Chuy's Children Giving to Children Parade

View all events at Austin Convention Center

Where to go for drinks & eats in Austin:

A Little Doggerel to Drive You Batty...


I live in ATX--not the hottest summer climate in the world, but at about the same latitude as Cairo Egypt, it's as close to hot as I want to come.  My first year, I got a sunburn in February. Most of the time, you learn to tolerate the heat & embrace the sunshine, but the summer heatwave in 2011 was pretty much unbearable outdoors during the daytime, though many continued working and exercising in the 100-degree +temps. There are fountains & misting stations around town & on the Hike & Bike Trails. I coped by becoming an air-conditioning vampire from late June until mid-October. When the sun set, the temps rapidly come down & with the cooling nightbreezes, people like me come to life. And the winters are glorious for transplanted Northerners like myself


Austin, the capitol city of the state of Texas, best party city & music capitol of the world, home of the largest public university in the country, home of Michael Dell, Lance Armstrong, among many others notables, & home of Austin City Limits (the show & the festival) & SXSW, also has the distinction of being the second home to an enormous population of Mexican Freetail bats. In late February, when it begins heating up down south in Mexico, they migrate north to more hospitable climes like Austin,where they thrive under the Congress Avenue Bridge. It's estimated that they rid the city of at least 10,000 POUNDS of insects every night, which is why they're encouraged to live here.


Now that we're enjoying cooler weather, I remembered a little piece of doggerel (batterel?)  I wrote one fall day a few years ago that I'd like to share with y'all.



Autumn in Austin


Leaves are still fluttering green in the trees,

Daylight still tops the high seventies.

Trees are still green and the sky is still blue,

Night lows in high-thirties are rare but a few.


Though all the bluebonnets have long bloomed and gone,

The cactus and pricker weeds' growth is still strong.

If we fnally get rain and the blue skies turn gray,

A bad day in Austin is still a nice day!


Beautiful butterflies migrate through here

While some folk are drinking Oktoberfest beer.

In Austin Texas, bugs don't quite go away

But we know to use mousetraps to keep 'em at bay


But when haunted hayrides and ghost hunts have begun,

Zombies and Chainsaws all add to the fun,

Dia de los Muertos we'll soon celebrate,

With food, gifts and music and a skeleton parade,


The A/C bills are lowering every day,

You finally can send the kids outdoors to play!

Then, in Austin we know that the time has now come

That makes the happiest and weirdest of us feel glum:


For the vast posse of freetail bats hanging under

The Congress Ave bridge will surely soon wonder

If now isn't time to fly yon and hither...

And then we will all know for sure it is winter.

-- (c) Catriona Lovett

New Coach for Longhorn Football!
For the Burnt Orange, Life Begins on The Drag!
ATX Travel Guide

South by South West
SXSW Austin TX
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SXSW Announcements

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The deadline to apply to showcase is today and the last minute deadline to submit your film is November 15th. Friday also marks the deadline to enter your project into the Interactive Awards and Accelerator competitions.

Check out the latest Interactive session announcements and stay tuned for big news from Music and Film at

I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again

Sept 20 - 27, 2012 in Austin, TX. Fantastic Fest is the largest genre film festival in the U.S. See the festival-only early premiere of Tim Burton's Frankenweenie 3D at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on South Lamar (SoLa) on Thursday, September 20th! (The film won't be in theaters until October 5th!)

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Bats Flying Out to Feed from Beneath the Congress Avenue Bridge

APD Releases Austin’s Top DWI Bars 2011 

Austin's growing bar scene is so much fun, and it pumps a lot of money into the local economy. But DWI is a serious problem that costs lives, and  requires the same local economy to spend money to fund the Austin criminal justice system's efforts to keep the roads safe. Read an Op-Ed by an Austin Cab Driver.

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Things To Do In Austin: is always being updated...check back for more!

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