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These are such troubled times. You aren't alone if you feel isolated, with nowhere to turn for clarity and reassurance. No matter how "lucky" or "unlucky" society might call us, something we all have in common is the need for guidance to find our way. There are so many choices, but so many are empty promises. Are you plagued by difficult decisions, trouble, pain, & loss? Help is there, but sometimes we need help finding it.

I'm Cat Lovett, and, like many of you,  I've suffered anxiety, depression, stress, grief, and chronic pain. Through many kinds of therapies, I've discovered that the help that comes in pill bottles can't be effective by itself.
Serious crises and near death experiences reopened a door within me which had been shut since early childhood. I set upon a path to seek spiritual solutions to my problems. While I'm nowhere near perfection, I've received so many blessings, I feel it's necessary to act now, and begin sharing the kindness others have shown me, to lend an ear to others who need someone to talk to. 
In 1999, I was ordained by the United Life Church, and began a mission to share inspiration and gifts of the spirit with others.
Please visit our Fellowship page on Facebook, or if you need to speak to someone offline, please message me personally. I will not ask you for money, and I can at least listen. You aren't alone.
Look here for articles, inspiration, and counsel. In these pages I will:
  • share my own exploration of the spiritual world as I seek to find relief from pain and stress;
  • to identify, examine facts and trends, and find possible solutions to modern problems which affect our well-being;
  • and explore ways we can become the person we'd like to be.

A life-long student of spirituality, religion, and I've been an ordained ULC Minister since 1999.

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